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Do your business applications still align with your business?

Implementing a business system continues beyond Go-Live; assessing your systems each year is essential to ensure alignment with the shifting business objectives, change in management, and vision.

There is a gap in the tech industry where the relationship between the software company and business partners post Go-Live does not continue. This lack of communication and relationship impacts continual training and opportunities to update functionality as the business matures.

Management, staff, and ownership shift within a business over time, diluting the knowledge of the initial key driver for the system and use of the functionality.

That is why it’s essential to take the initiative to review systems annually and ensure the functionality still aligns with the business.

It’s vital to conduct training sessions with new and old staff and correctly document recent decisions, changes to functionality and training plans.

The cost of an underutilised system and untrained staff can significantly influence the business’s bottom line.

Many clients involve our consultancy in the second phase post Go-Live.

This usually means that they have identified the system’s need to align with the new direction of the business and want to improve, refine, and better understand a different way that the system can grow with them.

Our position is to restore, upgrade or implement a more suitable system, retrain, reframe, and design more aligned processes.

The Challenge

One of our clients offers an Asset Lifecycle product with the assistance of a Pronto ERP service model. The platform was designed to deliver to the same clients the business had for years.

The design worked initially, but the limited functionality didn’t allow for the business to expand its portfolio to the broader market and smaller clients.

Servicing current clients took up the time of all resources leaving little time to drive a project to expand the portfolio.

The Solution

Our client engaged us to drive the project; the brief was clear, design a solution that would create the opportunity for expansion.

Creating a more efficient and scalable backend enabled a comprehensive asset reporting capability for the client.

The Result

The new solution offered a self-service model to clients freeing up resources within the business with the capacity to expand their portfolio.

Our client is now more scalable and has a solution to grow within the market to obtain their business objectives.

Lauren Sexton – CX & Marketing Specialist Consultant
Subject Matter Expert:
Nathan Manning – Client Success Manager

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