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Learning Management System

An affordable LMS platform simplifying your in-house training needs. The exclusive Digital Convergence Learning Management System (LMS) is a purpose-built application to provide a seamless learning experience. With changes in personnel, new processes, system functionality, project roll-outs and compliance obligations, training is rarely a one-off activity. We developed the LMS to ensure we can deliver a cost-effective training system for your organisational needs. Our team utilises the LMS platform for onboarding and knowledge sharing activities.

Key Functionality of LMS​

Training Content Creation

As a Content Creator, you have the ability to create your own content and host it within the one place for all your learning needs.

  • Video
  • Questionnaires
  • and other attached media.

Digital Convergence Training Library

As an Education Manager, you can set up student groups and design courses with the ability to:

  • Assign training modules to courses.
  • Assign courses to groups (project resources, individuals, and departments)
  • The assignment of users to groups can be managed by Digital Convergence or by the client in-house.
  • Modules can be utilized across different courses and students are recognised for their prior module progress.

Course Assignment

We have an abundance of content modules created from years of experience working with our clients on Pronto and business system projects, the library is continually evolving with new content modules uploaded frequently.

Our team are happy to assist in providing you and your team the latest list of modules and courses available.

We are also able to create business-specific content upon request, accessible to only you and your team.

Progress Reporting

Status reporting provides real-time insights into the client training groups and individuals progress of assigned courses.


The LMS has a built-in communication tool to notify trainees straight to their inbox of the training requirements and reminders.

Reminders ensure that students follow up their education requirement by the set due dates.

Administrator Role

The Administrator role is given to each client with access to create content, reporting, assign modules/courses and the Digital Convergence Library.


Content Consumption

All content is charged at $5 per student per module. Students are recognized for their prior results and progress for modules that are shared across courses. Therefore only charged once


Per Student / Module

Content Creation

To create your own learning module is free in the LMS. Simply create your training content and design a module.


Content Storage

Customer specific content storage is charged at $5 per module per month. This content will always be available when you need it in the future.


Content Creation and Management Services

Training content creation and LMS management is available at a consultant fee.

Standard Consultancy Fee

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