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Development Fast Facts

  • We have integrated our own bespoke Central Application to ensure our customers get the best service, through our Ticketing and Learning Management Services applications.
  • Our in-house R&D team are constantly developing and innovating for our business and yours.
  • Pronto 4GL Skilled development team.
  • The development team adopt the Agile Methodology (Sprints) for technology development and upgrades.
  • The team are developers behind the OutSystems based CX Application start up Arelo.
  • Digital Convergence partnership in Development Platform – OutSystems.

What does our Dev Team offer?

Bespoke Inhouse Software Development

  • Digital Convergence has a specialised Development Unit – Digital Convergence Development (DCD).
  • DCD is a team of highly certified individuals with a breadth of experience and expertise creating bespoke solutions for customers and new business.

OutSystems Development

  • Utilising OutSystems, a low-code development platform, our development team has the capability to easily take process maps and convert into digital mobile or web applications to quickly replace paper based and cumbersome processes.
  • The applications can be used for either internal or external uses, such as worker data capture (i.e. production feedback, etc.) or consumer information and product traceability.
  • OutSystems Development Services are scalable to any height depending on the requirements.

Pronto Xi Development

  • Our team are highly skilled in Pronto 4GL to assist your organisation in any module design, development and or configuration needed.
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