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MD Insights: How to Manage the Complexities of Post-Acquisition Consolidation

Post Acquisition activities can be complex, but a transparent well-thought-out strategy and engaged SMEs can create a smoother transition when it comes to consolidation.

Clients engage us to assist with post-acquisition consolidation; successful consolidation strategies work well when there is a clear goal and objective, as well as delegating to SMEs in the business or outsourcing.

For success, there must be a synergy between the acquisition team members, in-house and outsourced SMEs.

Once the SMEs understand the goals and objectives, they should present multiple approaches or solutions to consolidate to the key decision-makers. This should involve options to consolidate systems, processes, data, and people.

While the initial decision-making is usually focussed on the fastest and most affordable approach, some factors can’t be included and considered in phase one. The SMEs should recommend the business revisit the project post-consolidation for restructuring and adjustments to make the company efficient, leaner, and more profitable.

By ensuring you have the right strategic planner, team, and resources, your acquisition will have a better chance of success.

Lauren Sexton – CX & Marketing Specialist Consultant
Darran Low – Managing Director

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