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MD Insights: The Importance of Open Dialogue around Mental Health in the Workplace

As a Managing Director, it is essential to focus on cultivating a culture of good mental health.

R U OK Day is an excellent initiative to take the stigma out of the discussion of mental health and to save lives. I took this opportunity to open dialogue with my team about the importance of looking after themselves and checking in on people around them. I communicated that my focus was on creating an understanding environment where support would be a priority if needed.

The pandemic and working from home have significantly impacted how we relate to our colleagues and engage as a community, this included expressing how it impacted myself from a mental health perspective.

Working in the office allows the team to identify where we see someone potentially struggling and to check in with them.

Part of the understanding from a business perspective is to stop penalising staff where there is particular behaviours and ask the right questions to figure out the why.

In the understanding, we can find a common ground and a better outcome for everyone.

"42.9% of people aged 16-85 in Australia experienced a mental health disorder* at some time in their life."


*A mental disorder is includes, anxiety, affective and substance use disorders.

Darran Low - Managing Director

Needing assistance with your mental health?
A great source of information can be found at Beyond Blue

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