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Reporting, Analytics and AI – Part Three

Do you have hidden beneficial analytics and not aware?

When did your business last do a functionality health check on your software systems?

If you are working with legacy systems, it would be beneficial to attend an online software refresher course offered by your provider, as you may be unaware of existing or new data capture and reporting capabilities available to your business.

Are you aware that select cloud-based software systems build continuous functionality updates into the cost of subscriptions?

By keeping up to date with the latest developments or ensuring you’re fully utilising your system, it can result in:

  • Time saved on manual reporting and analytical activities.
  • Additional data capture and alert capability enhancing your business insights.
  • Newly available Applications or API connectivity for data feed enablement from other systems.
  • Awareness saving you money on upgrades.

With new systems, Go Live should not be the end of your strategy, a post-implementation plan should consider educational and software updates.

Many data-based software systems include:

  • ERPs,
  • Customer Relationship Management Tools (CRM),
  • Marketing Automation tools,
  • Websites,
  • ECommerce,
  • Social Media Platforms.

Business Intelligence and Data Discovery Tools:

  • Cognos,
  • Qlikview,
  • Microsoft Power BI,
  • Phocus,
  • Tableau.

When conducting the health check, it is essential to run through all analytical/data plug-ins to ensure connectivity of:

  • Analytics for websites and ERP systems,
  • ERP data to CRM system,
  • CRM data to Marketing Automation platform.

If time poor, enlisting a specialist in business systems to run the health check and educational program is another solution.

With this approach, your business would have the advantage of the specialist understanding your business objective when reviewing the system and tailoring reporting and a training program to suit your needs.

Are you aware that select cloud-based software systems build continuous functionality updates into the cost of subscriptions?
Lauren Sexton – CX & Marketing Specialist Consultant
Subject Matter Expert:
Darran Low – Managing Director

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