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Reporting, Analytics and AI – Part Two

Striving for better insights doesn’t have to be complicated; it can be a short and straightforward process.

Investing time into discovery activities can uncover minor data adjustments necessary for significant improvements.
The following mini case study outlines how clearly understanding the business challenge and making minor changes with the proper analysis and tools can make a world of difference to your insights for timely business decision-making.

The Challenge

Large retailer Mosaic brands had a sales reporting schedule; this delivered sales data from the previous day to critical decision-makers for analysis to assist in further strategic decisions.

The reporting highlighted missed sales targets, prompting the business to investigate ways to mitigate this issue.

The business engaged Digital Convergence to activate a discovery activity, it appeared that the data was correct and sent to the right decision-makers, but the timing was wrong.

The Solution

It was essential to the business that decision-makers could intervene before the end of the sales day to enable a more profitable outcome.

The solution was simple; after the discovery activity, the business decided it would switch reporting to real-time with a business rule around notifications and alerts for action on the same sales day.

Digital Convergence updated the system empowering the decision-makers to adjust sales and promotional strategies in real-time.

Understanding your data and the business objective enables businesses to swiftly define the business challenges to take necessary actions for faster solutions.

It appeared that the data was correct and sent to the right decision-makers, but the timeframe was wrong.
Lauren Sexton – CX & Marketing Specialist Consultant
Subject Matter Expert:
Darran Low – Managing Director

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