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The Power of Collaboration in System Projects

It can be overwhelming when tasked with software update activities; our resident Martech specialist sheds some light on how collaboration can drive success.

Over the last 20 years, collaboration has been one of the critical fundamentals contributing to the success of technology projects.

People are as important in the system project space as the software itself.

Opening the lines of communication and breaking down silos in a business can be beneficial as it contributes to a more suitable and in-depth list of requirements when searching for the right software.

Software choices have many considerations: cost, functionality, connectivity, ROI probability, implementation, roll-out timing, business, and customer impact.

When interviewing front-line staff for CRM projects, there is consistent feedback in the instance a previous CRM system has had low adaption. Many contributing factors cause this, but one has been the lack of engagement with teams impacted.

The previous CRM Project Committee never consulted the impacted teams during the discovery phase, so the CRM functionality activated needed to be more suitable, hence a low adaption of the new software.

These SMEs and front-line teams can contribute significantly to requirements.

They understand what would elevate customer experience and benefit functionality and how they could contribute information to the broader business.

Running workshops with the relevant SMEs is a wonderful opportunity for each department to discuss what is currently working, what is not, and aspirational ideas.

This contributes to a more in-depth list of requirements, suitability of function, and a higher adaption of the software.

So, for your next software upgrade, meet with SMEs and teams within the business, as the collaboration will positively impact software selection and roll-out.

Lauren Sexton – CX & Marketing Specialist Consultant

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